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Why should you use high quality Free images on your website? One of the most overlooked factors when creating a website or blog is relevant high quality free images. Why free? It can be a costly job signing up to stock image websites and often not necessary. There are some incredible free images available across every industry imaginable, if you know where to look.

We live in an image led world where a picture can paint a thousand words. Yet for many, this approach isn’t adopted into their online presence. Here we look at why images are so important, not only for your customer but for helping your website rank in search engines.

Enhance your organic SEO with images

It’s widely understood that having a content rich website is key to helping your website rank in Google. But free images seem to get overlooked or worse, added as an afterthought. But with networks such as Instagram and Facebook it’s already proven that images spark engagement, captivate audiences and promote actions. However, search engines can’t actually ‘see’ images. They rely on the image’s file name, captions, alt text, and title texts to read what the image is relating to. Therefore, simply uploading an image might help to tell the customer what it is, but Google won’t have any idea. It’s also important to ensure that images are the right file size, responsive, and scalable so that your website still loads quickly on any device.

Images help to convert leads and sell your product

Images help to tell a story, they’re used to pull on emotions and evoke a response. Think about children’s books, it’s pretty hard to tell a story with no images, the same goes for online. If you have a product or service, you need to tell your story and help your audience believe in it – so they can visualise buying it. Free images are an incredible tool – and most importantly they’re FREE!

The following websites have been tried and tested. They have some of the most stunning, quirky, and powerful free images available for commercial use with no attribution required.





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