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Social Media Marketing, do I need it for my small business?

There are many reasons why a small business needs a social media marketing strategy. Mostly it provides a valuable opportunity for small businesses to reach the widest audience possible. It might have once been seen as a ‘fad’ or something for the younger generation, but this simply isn’t the case nowadays. Social media marketing increases brand recognition and trust most notably through independent reviews. Recommendation still plays huge part in a customers decision making process. So, the more people know and shout about your business, the better.

Google all the way

Social media marketing helps Google to see your business, and rank it. Social media gives a brand more exposure, therefore encouraging good quality links back to the website. This fuels a website in the Google Search engine rankings, helping to put you ahead of your competition online. Search for your business in Google, if your business has social media the pages will appear alongside your website in the results. This sends positive signals to Google helping to verify your business as a trusted source of information or service.

Which Social Media network is right for my business?

Knowing what, where and when to post can be a daunting task. For many small businesses finding the right social media marketing strategy can seem a bit of a headache. With so many social media networks, understanding the power of each can feel like an uphill climb, in the rain, without shoes. This is why so many small businesses look to individual social marketing experts to manage their day to day posting and run campaigns. From Facebook to Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, You tube and Pinterest to name a few, finding the right voice for each is essential when growing your audience. Trust the right person to build your social media, and you could reap the rewards with sales leads and increased revenue.

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